~September 1,2014~ Happy GOTCHA DAY Beckham ~We stood at the door and knocked…prayed without ceasing…we called upon an army of friends & family to petition on behalf of an unmet orphan…they encouraged, prayed, fundraised, invested all along the way #overflowinggratitude we dreamed dreams and had visions that our human ways didn’t understand, nor could our words express…our Hope was deferred many times..we saw things in the natural that would direct us to quit….the hard was too hard…we met opposition, we were stretched in ways that we weren’t flexible in, soooooo uncomfortable, HOWEVER we continued to acknowledge HIM and HE made our paths straight…straight to Sintayehu  it is with GREAT JOY I declare with these words that God is WHO HE he says HE is…he is the great I AM, the king of kings, holy of holies, the God of yesterday, today and forever…HE is my light, my truth, my life, my everything….I pray when anyone looks at us,@ me that I am close enough to HIM that my life will reflect Jesus…soooooo grateful for the hard, for HIS path that was less traveled, for growing pains that produced a faith that otherwise would have lacked, for a dying mothers selfless love to give her child her best…her everything, glory to God in the highest…always! What an honor to have this precious boy in our family…indescribable joy he has brought that far outweighs comfort, cost, & sacrifice. #blessed

Mia, Beckham, Lexie and Docker …Our Blessings.IMG_20130901_212043_276


~Aug,2014~ Can’t believe Beckham has been HOME for 11 Months! We really could have cancelled DISH T.V He is our daily entertainment… Beckham is quite Fun in his personality, full of Emotion and wow is he Loud! He loves to speak in first person…”Beckham do Mama.” “Beckham hungry,” Beckham “two minutes” he say’s when he doesn’t want to go to bed or nappy time;-) Everything is so cute with him right now. (Who am I kidding, it’s been this way since he’s been home,cute cute cute!!!) He has rejected all his prior favorite movies, Nemo, Dispicable Me, Kicking & Screaming FOR…home videos of us meeting him for the first time in Ethiopia and when he comes Home He calls the movies, “Africas.” We’re not sure if he aches for his people, culture….what he always knew, whatever the desire we ask our Lord to meet him in those times of remembrance and longing…We have had very profound conversations with Beckham, that he has initiated….One was with his Daddy, These next words are from my husbands journal about one of those conversations…“As I was brushing Beckham’s teeth just recently we began to dialogue, about “Akika.” AKA Africa. At one point I asked him if his mom in Africa brushed his teeth, his face lit up and he smiled really big and took his finger and started moving it back and forth like a tooth brush indicating that his “Akika” mom brushed his teeth with her finger. That was very sweet but it was when I began asking him questions about his “Akikan” dad that moved me to tears. I always ask him specific questions to make sure he understands who and what we are talking about. Such as, is “Akikan” daddy’s skin my color or your color, mind you at this point I’ve already over the last several month asked him that so many times that he now cocks his head to the side a little like, “are you kidding” or “haven’t we already been over this?” Then he points to his arm indicating “Akikan” daddy has his color of skin. But it was this night that he did something that gave me a clear picture that he completely knew and understood what had happened to his “Akikan” dad. After pointing to his skin he then proceeded to tell me that “Akikan” daddy is home! I patronized him a little with a “cute” and said home in Africa? He immediately said “No, Home” and pointed up, and upon me asking where that was he said, “Home with Jesus”……
Beckham’s dad passed away from AIDS 2 years ago.” Another recent Profound Conversation that I tend to follow up on with the lawyer in Africa that keeps us posted on Beckham’s mother and 8year old brother, IS this…Beck was napping a about a month ago and woke up with a very loud “Ehmayeh” which means mother…He said it a few times, and was definately not all awake. I then asked him if he had a dream about his mama…He said No, she went HOME and he pointed up.(his beautiful mother is dying of AIDS) It got me thinking…I shared with him we will all be HOME one day, all together as God’s Family This boy, this blessing along with our other 3 children are our greatest treasures…We ARE so extremely in AWE of God who knitted Beck in his mothers womb, while growing him in our hearts. We are honored…and I can’t wait for the day where there are NO more tears, NO more sadness, NO more Disease, NO more poverty…NO more Orphans…NO more evil, Where are sins are washed away….#therewillbeaday Glory to God



~July,2014~ I’ve tried to write this a few times and can’t seem to finish through the tears…I also tried to write on Mothers & Fathers Day and just couldn’t keep my face dry enough to post….the tears only appear out of immense gratitude towards God who chose our family to bring Beck into …There were times in the WAIT of adoption that I questioned if we were doing the right thing…me, myself and I would doubt God at HIS word….I know, I really want to backspace that last sentence. But I WANT you to see how good, how FAITHFUL HE is and was during the entire process(THANKFUL). The doubt came out of a lack of Faith…Because I couldn’t see. There may have been a finish line in the far distance that told me were almost done.. but all I could see were hurdles…LOTS of them and they were to big for me…but that’s just it, for me but NOT GOD!!!(THANKFUL) If I had my way I would have made a new lane on the track of this journey with nothing in my way…BUT that would have been easy, and I wouldn’t have seen how AWESOME our God was in that Season!!!(THANKFUL) SO this last month…remember 9 months of Naughty? Well Hawaii must have knocked the naughty out of him;-) seriously just a few weeks of “trying threes.” who knows it can come back on any given day! FAVORITES this month…He went on his first Family Vacation! I will share with you, when we headed from the Hotel to the Airport in Seattle, We loaded up on the transport Beckham started panicking saying, all of our names and telling us we go to, Beckham stay with “Us” NO bye bye….After the outburst we were able to show him were all together…He is ours and we are his…The driver was of the same nationality of Beckham, we wonder if that had triggered his reaction.. Like maybe he thought he was going back… Mercy…HARD moments… He saw and experienced the BIG AWAAA(the ocean)He got to see his mommy and daddy renew their vows, He celebrated his 1st 4th of July, He has been bitten by the FIFA World Cup Bug, Running wildly in the house while kicking the soccer ball screaming….GOOOOOAAAAAL!!! We will start him in Soccer in the Fall ;-)10 months having him HOME…It’s our Joy, our blessing to raise him up! SO it is with great THANKFULNESS as I stare not only into his chocolate eyes, but also the other 3 pairs that I am their Mama. Thankful….Thankful…..My heart is Full….You see I am right in the middle of my childhood dream, No other place would I want to be…

NAUGHTY… 9 months HOME

~June,2014~ NOW…. most of you won’t believe me….Beckham is sporting the trying threes! Normally when I tell him too do something or not, he’d listen…now…nope…instead he looks at me with great determination and sometimes throws out a challenge…WHYYYYY???WHATTT!!!! & now he has to do everything himself while saying, Beckham DO! I do recall with my other 3 children it wasn’t the terrible 2’s, but 3’s… 😉 Beckham brought home an African”friend” & has been on medicine for the last 3 weeks with one more to go, join us in prayer that it will leave his little body. Apparently there are NO pine trees in Ethiopia…pollen has messed him up! He’s continuing to thrive in weight and height…you all love him soooooo well…I really do think he believes he’s a celebrity, especially when he hits the soccer fields. Looking forward to summer with this gift from God…our boy lots of firsts for him…he wasn’t home last summer, so sand, lakes, ocean, beaches all this will be new…our Lexie recently did a photography assignment and had to create a movie poster..she followed the example of the movie Legends of the Fall..she used her brothers and sister as the big part of the poster than Mia holding Beckham for the background and titled her movie poster, Unbreakable Bond… I just stared at that, it took me back to Gods faithfulness and towards greater appreciation of the Power of LOVE…..#mercyForeverinAwe


noun: evangelism
the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.
•zealous advocacy of a cause.

~May,2014~WHO knew? That when you bring an orphan into your family, MOST everyone you meet wants to know “his story”. My prayer is at the end of the story they KNOW it’s HIS story…THE AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH…it’s all HIS. SO as I stand in the lines at Target, Michaels,Costco,etc…as I wait to pick up children from school,stand on the sidelines for soccer, sit in the bleachers for volleyball, wait for labs at the hospital, sing praises at church…wherever I am and they see Beckham and people ask…I ask back…”How much time do you have?”Because I don’t want to miss a detail in how GOOD God is!!! I want to share with you that HE goes to rescue the orphan, I tell them that Beckham is an example of what God did for each one of us!#Romans9:4 God is using this 3 year old to tell HIS story!
~On a personal note this has been the hardest month of him being home…I just
need to remember with International Adoption from a third world country there are going to be issues that reoccur…Prayers for him would be food issues and “goodbyes”. Not sure if us having to rehome our english bullogs has caused this, but he will say their names and goodbye…then say, “Beckham Home, Me not go…Beckham stay home.” One of the most beautiful ways I saw my husband reassure Beckham about food is, he took him to the pantry opened it…took him to the fridge and showed him. “There will always be enough for you son..You will not go without…” So hopefully these setbacks shall soon pass 🙂 Milestones in this 8th month~ We celebrated him turning 3, dedicated him to the Lord, he swam for the first time! He loves Jesus,his people,all the soccer siblings from Dock & Mia’s Teams, Monster’s University Movie, and his newest love…MUSTARD LOVE & BLESSINGS~


7 months of Sintayehu!

 ~Apr.2014~Not many changes this last month…I do notice little man has an opinion on clothes!!! Hates to wear cargo pants, immediately takes me back to his dresser for his favorite skinny jeans, does not like shirts with buttons, and the few times I’ve put shorts on him he’s patted his legs and says,”uhhh, nooooooo.”with big bottom lip out, as if there had been wardrobe are important and he refuses to take them off at nap time! He loves to play on the boing boing(trampoline) with his siblings…he does not understand why he can’t run on the field when his sis or bro are playing in their soccer games…with a tear and a pout he will say,”Beckham Do..”he STILL loves going HOME and when were all eating around the table..he loves to pray for each one of us…we have definitely become”his”, he will say as he’s patting my arm, Beckham’s mama..or he’s pointing to his Daddy, saying,”Beckham’s Ehbayay”…his English words have grown too where I have quit counting them…his favorites still are NO and WHY..We finally have everything we need to readopt him..crazy after all you have to do for international adoption your required to readopt;-) there’s not a day that we don’t praise God for the precious gift of him and what God continues to do in our hearts for the orphans…#alwaysinAweofGod

SIX months of Shaping…

~Mar.2014~Yesterday was our 6 month Post adoption visit! Beckham greeted our social worker at the door and shook her hand, and said…”Missssss ShanNuunnnn, nice to see you.” Then he ushered her to the table and it was just them…as she was caught up in how much he has changed in 3 months…She was already tearing up expressing that he was clearly doing fine and well adjusted…however she couldn’t get over his JOY…”His face beams, so much light and happiness to him, she says.” Beckham understood most questions and answered her, with a bit of a flirt;-) He shared about his “Ehmyay”(mama)”Ehbyay”(dada), Sissy, bubba, and Mia…showed her this little light of mine, acted out shots as we talked about medical…he kept saying, “shots,noooooooo….all done.”He told her about Vido…vido…his love for Dispicable Me and Nemo, had two snacks while she was there which proved his appetite was healthy;-) A little too healthy…The boy can EAT! We did express concern as he seems to have gone backwards in being away from mommy or daddy…which is normal and are target. Our job is to continue to be sensitive to him needing to know we are there, and not leaving him. We know we are extremely blessed with how are process has gone, as adoption is hard…and we have dear friends who would tell you a much different story than ours. I am in awe of these friends and continue to pray thru their “hard”…they are my heros! This adoption wasn’t just about changing his life like we thought, but also changing our lives as well! So SHAPING….not the physical shape I am talking about, but the shaping of the heart….Beckham I know has been used by God to SHAPE us. He has contoured my heart into making sure my life is used to bring orphans home, and help them in their distress…to partner with churches and bring SIGHT to what people are BLIND too…He, our son is that constant reminder daily that we are unwilling to quit in something that looks WAY to big, but we are reminded our GOD is WAY bigger I thought the crying would leave when Beck came home, it has not…they are tears not out of longing to have him home, but now tears for all those that are NOT home…I don’t even try to hide them…That is huge from a girl that never would let anyone see her cry! There are a lot of ways to SHAPE things…Some use heat, hammering, filing, cutting, forming…there are the days that I feel the heat burning away selfishness, maybe the desire to have a day with no little guy needing me for everything…or even the desire to run an errand, or a lunch date with a friend(alone)…or not having the hallway hurricane from the cutest 3footer ever!!!(normal yes)however I still ask God to burn selfish. AND truth be told…I do prefer legos over a $12.00 salad 😉. I have felt the hammer of righteous anger, and justice hammering into me. To speak out on behalf of orphans..The pounding moves beyond what may be my desire, and becomes His Action…as long as I have a voice I will continue to use it, and will pray for more shaping…because with that hammering I feel my judgement growing quicker than black mold towards those who seem apathetic towards the orphan crisis… So I pray for God to Form my heart soft for those who just don’t know nor have they seen…and just as I begin to get comfortable and possibly forgetful of what I have seen…there is a Filing that happens. Thankful HE does not let me grow back into what I was, but always SHAPING me into what HE wants me to be. I will tell you this has been the same story for each of my kiddos, and my husband…That is the beauty of Beckham…and God’s plan for all of us. Mold me, shape me…USE me for HIS GLORY. We PRAISE God for these last six months of having him home! We love how he is so loved by so many of you! I think Beckham believes he is rockstar in his community, the way so many have loved on him! Thank you for being a part of his journey, may you always see how good, loving and Faithful God is!